I primarily work with clients three ways:

  • I can take the whole project and do it for you. I’ll bring you back an accurate, well-organized QuickBooks company file, and coach you on what you need to do to maintain it.
  • Once you have a clean QuickBooks file, I can work with you on a monthly basis to help keep you on track. I’ll make sure all your transactions are entered and all accounts are reconciled, including all bank and credit card statements. Most of my clients like a monthly schedule which saves them time, and gives them the opportunity for ongoing review.
  • If there are major budget constraints, I can work with you by scheduling two-hour “coaching” sessions.  In each session, we’ll work on a particular phase of your project, which may be the initial set up or clean up of your company file. I’ll give you “homework,” such as transaction entry, to do before the next session. This way we can keep your project and business moving forward.

I’ll give you an estimate of cost after we’ve discussed the scope of your project and what it will entail.


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