Although April 15th is almost here, if you haven’t filed your return for 2014 (hopefully you have filed an extension!) I can still help. 

If you haven’t started to pull together your records for 2014 (or 2013 or 2012 or ???) or if you don’t use a small business financial management software like QuickBooks, it’s not too late!

Please call me and let me help you put together a plan for getting your 2014 information to your CPA, and get you on the right path for 2015.

If you’ve filed an extension, please note that S-Corp and Partnership returns are due September 15th and all other returns are due October 15th. 

Even if you filed an extension, if any taxes are owed, they were due at the original filing dates (March 15th for S-Corps and Partnerships, and April 15th for all other entities and individual returns).  Interest and penalties will accrue.


Those of you who know me understand that I am on a mission to encourage all business owners in my sphere of influence to:


Please remember, if you have the misfortune to be audited, the first thing the IRS agent will ask you for is your reconciled bank statements.  How great would it feel to be able to hand the agent a neat stack of your bank statements (and credit card statements) along with your monthly reconciliation report stapled to each one?

If you’ve been faithfully reconciling each month, you won’t be nearly as stressed. This will show the agent you have your act together and you have clean records. Because your QuickBooks numbers tie in to your bank account numbers, your audit will progress much faster and easier.

If the agent has to dig through your shoebox of receipts to figure out what’s happening with your business, trust me, you’re going to be in for a long ordeal. Save yourself from any future disasters. Take my advice and reconcile your bank statements every month!

If you, or someone you care about, are not reconciling your bank AND credit card*** statements each month, please contact me so I can help you get your finances under control!

*** Yes, you need to reconcile your credit cards each month as well as your bank statement!!!


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