Are your financial books in order?

Small business owners know how important it is to have a handle on their company’s financial fitness, but many find themselves in over their heads.

If you’re not sure where your business is now and how it got there, planning for the future can be a real challenge. Are you making the right financial decisions to help your company prosper over the coming year?

My goal is to empower my clients to take control of their finances using QuickBooks. I help small businesses use the power of QuickBooks to set up and clean up their financial records. My clients soon discover that QuickBooks is an essential tool for managing their business and forcasting their future.

If you want to:

  • Track every dollar coming in and going out with in-depth reporting
  • Instantly create invoices, track payments, and manage expenses
  • Stay on top of your cash flow
  • Organize your financials all in one place
  • Know where your business stands
  • Save more time and get more organized

QuickBooks Coaching can help.

Our goal is to help you organize and manage your small businesses with QuickBooks solutions.  We use QuickBooks because it’s the #1 small business financial software in the country.

With QuickBooks, we can offer you the power to harness the information you need to make informed financial decisions.

Let us show you how.

One Response so far.

  1. Pedro Carrillo says:
    Hello Karen,

    I’m the friend of Susan Back that tried to reach you but my e-mail keep going to SPAM. I know you are busy, want wanted to know if you can give me an idea of what your services will cost.

    I’m playing around with QuickBooks Online Simple Start and have 3 months in it, but I do know that I have not done everything correctly.

    1. Can you help with QuickBooks Online Simple Start or do I need the desktop version?
    2. I may need to start from scratch, to ensure that everything is correct, do you help with setup?
    3. I will like to do one month of transactions with help.

    Can you help and what is an estimate of my investment?



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