I’ve always worked with entrepreneurs, and have a heart for those with this independent spirit and drive.

I have a B.S. in business administration and more than 25 years’ experience running small service businesses, primarily in the advertising and marketing arena.

I first used QuickBooks in 1995, and loved the power of the program.  QuickBooks provides the information small business owners need to make informed financial and business decisions.

Over the years, I helped a number of friends and associates with QuickBooks and they were delighted with its capabilities.

I decided to become certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor so I could help business owners organize and manage their small businesses.  At times, it means creating order out of chaos, something I thrive on.

It’s very gratifying to see my clients use the tools and the knowledge they’ve gained to help their businesses grow. And as their businesses take off, and they no longer have the time to manage the program on their own, I’m available to jump in and maintain QuickBooks for them. 

My clients know that I’m always available to answer questions. Once you’re my client, you’re always my client.


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